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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best plus size bras for full figure women?

We also carry the best designer plus size bra brands for full figured women like Elomi, Goddess, Wacoal, Bali, Glamorise, Olga, and more. Treat yourself and find an amazing wardrobe of plus size and full figure bras that will fit your unique shape, style and size.

Are there any plus size bras with inclusive band sizes?

We also offer a complete selection of plus size bras that range in size all the way to an N cup (with inclusive band sizes too!). Our Bra Fit Experts can help you find the best plus size bras for your size and shape in your favorite styles, colors and fabrics.

What kind of bras are best for curvy women?

Browse through hundreds of gorgeous push-up bras, strapless bras, balconette bras, as well as f, g & h cup bras designed to be a perfect fit for curvy women. From basic everyday styles to lacy black numbers, our bras have been wear-tested and are available in all the colors and styles you need, from small to large cup bras sizes.

What is a bra fit checklist?

Our bra fit checklist will help you to determine your correct size, check your fit and decipher if you are even wearing the right bra. We believe that women should have a variety of bra styles and options no matter their size.

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