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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best modeling agency for plus size modeling?

Plus Size Modeling Agencies: Top 10 Best Agencies for Plus Size Modeling​. 1 1. Ford Models. 2 2. Dorothy Combs Models. 3 3. Wilhelmina Curve. 4 4. IPM Models. 5 5. Natural Model Management. More items

What is Mary Duffy's plus size model agency?

Mary Duffy is a pioneer in the industry, and she created the first plus size modeling agency, “Big Beauties, Little Women” in the late nineteen-seventies. The agency also represented petite models, and it quickly established itself as a prominent force in the fashion and modeling industries.

What are the requirements to be a plus size model?

Plus size fashion models are generally 5’9” and up, and are asked to have unblemished skin, healthy hair and well-kept nails. Plus size fit models can be shorter—between 5’6” and 5’9”—while commercial modeling gigs ( a.k.a. real-people modeling) offer more flexibility.

Is there a future for plus-size models in fashion?

Thanks to a number of boundary-pushing models, designers, and activists, there’s more plus-size visibility in the world of fashion than ever before. Plus, size modeling opportunities are increasing across the industry, from catalog and commercial jobs to swimsuit modeling, magazine editorials, and even runway shows.

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