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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clothes do plus size women wear?

• Rectangle. A plus size woman with a rectangular body shape is full-figured, while her shoulders, waist and hips are approximately the same in measurement. Pick out clothing that makes you appear curvier. A waist-cinching belt, ruffled top or high-waisted pants will get the job done.

Are there any plus size pants from Torrid?

Torrid goes to great lengths to make sure every size fits flawlessly, all while making you feel as sexy and confident as ever, with our gorgeous collection of plus size pants for women.

Are there any plus size pants at Lane Bryant?

In addition to the Allie, we have a whole selection of plus size skinny pants and plus size bootcut pants. We offer pants in plus sizes, petite sizes and many different styles. You can't get a perfect pair of pants without an adorable plus size blouse from Lane Bryant!

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