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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plus size Wedding Dress stores more challenging for plus-size brides?

IIt's indeed more challenging for plus-size brides-to-be to find the perfect wedding dress, since most bridal stores only carry gown samples in standard sizes. Also, plus size wedding dress stores are usually higher in price.

What types of wedding dresses do we hold?

We hold plus size wedding dresses with sleeves, plus size beaded wedding dresses, plus size lace wedding dresses, plus size ivory and champagne wedding dresses and a whole lot more. The beauty of shopping with us is that you never need to worry about the price.

Are you excited about Torrid’s plus size bridal collection?

We are pretty excited about this. Torrid’s plus size bridal collection is finally here and is making a strong, confident entrance. We worked hard to design plus size wedding dresses that flatter your every curve and yet feel weightless and comfortable.

What size do bridal gowns come in?

From classic lace wedding gowns to sexy backless bridal gowns, our figure-flattering gown collection was designed for every bride – from sizes 2-34/36. ... [show more] Our plus-size gowns feature straight-from-the-runway trends and offer plenty of appeal for the classic or modest bride.

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