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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do Fleece robes come in?

More often than not, you’ll find women’s fleece robes in small, medium, and large. Only a few manufacturers offer extra-small or larger sizes. It’s fairly difficult to find petite sizes; however, there are quite a few options for women’s plus-size fleece robes.

What are Fleece robes good for?

Warm: Fleece robes are known for their warmth, which is why they’re a popular choice to layer over other loungewear. Fleece is considered a good insulator because its fibers trap warm air, including body heat. Lightweight: Despite how soft and warm fleece robes are, they remain incredibly lightweight, which adds to their easy-to-wear appeal.

Are Fleece robes flammable?

Heat: Fleece robes are flammable, and they’re particularly sensitive to heat exposure. For that reason, it’s best to keep them away from radiators and vents. There is no standard sizing for women’s fleece robes.

What are Fleece bathrobes made of?

Fleece bathrobes are available in countless patterns, prints, and textures, and a few styles are reversible. Soft: The most appealing quality of fleece robes is their softness. They’re made of fine, densely packed polyester fibers that are gentle against the skin. Some fleece robes even have similar textures to blankets or stuffed animals.

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