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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plush mattresses good?

Plush mattresses (also called soft) are sometimes desired by slimmer side sleepers and those that want more pressure relief. However, soft mattresses that don't offer support can cause issues with spine alignment and long term support.

Which is the best mattress?

The Amerisleep AS3 is our pick for best bed of the year, both in the memory foam category and overall. It’s the most comfortable mattress we found, thanks to the outstanding attention to detail, materials, and design Amerisleep brings to the table with over a decade of mattress-industry experience.

What is the best mattress for sleep?

Best mattress for back pain. Sleep Number. Adjustable air mattresses get the highest ratings for easing back pain of any other type, and Sleep Number mattresses are the top choice in this category. They are also a great option for couples with radically different sleep styles; especially if you add an adjustable base.

What is plush mattress definition?

A plush top is a mattress with cushioning layers embedded directly to the surface. On the comfort level scale, a plush top, or simply plush, mattress ranks just below a pillow top in terms of softness.

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