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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PlushCare treat?

PlushCare treats ongoing conditions, offers everyday care, and provides support for some urgent medical issues including: PlushCare does not treat major medical issues and mental disorders including excessive bleeding, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, homicidal tendencies, etc. How Much Does PlushCare Cost?

What is the best treatment for ADHD?

Treatment of ADHD will depend on the individual’s symptoms, age, and the severity of impact. Prescription medication is a common form of treatment for ADHD. Treatment is most effective when medication therapy is combined with behavioral strategies. Are you looking for a nonstimulant medication to treat your or your child’s ADHD?

How much does it cost to see a PlushCare Doctor?

So for $119 (for uninsured patients) or the cost of your usual copay, you can see a PlushCare doctor within 15 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 50% for uninsured patients and for insured patients, co-pays can be as low as $0 per visit but are typically around $20.

Is PlushCare covered by insurance?

PlushCare works with most major insurance companies in the US, meaning it’s considered an in-network medical service and is covered just like a regular doctor’s visit. You’ll only have to pay a standard co-pay, making PlushCare one of the most affordable options in telemedicine.

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