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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose PlushCare for Prep?

PlushCare is the largest PrEP provider in the United States. Why? Because we're the fastest, most affordable provider. 1) Book an appointment 2) See a doctor on your phone or computer and 3) Get PrEP. We accept these insurance plans and many more. Without insurance, appointments are just $119.

Can I get prep online?

You can get PrEP online through PlushCare! Just book an appointment with one of our top online doctors and together you will decide if PrEP if right for you. If the doctor thinks you may benefit from a PrEP prescription, they will order you a lab test to ensure you are HIV negative.

How much does prep cost?

If you have insurance, our doctors can help with prior authorizations and other paperwork to ensure that your care is covered. Out-of-pocket, PrEP would cost about $20,000 per year. Luckily, most insurance will cover the cost of PrEP, so most people pay little to nothing for their prescription.

What is Prep and how does it work?

PrEP is an anti-HIV medication that prevents HIV infection in HIV-negative individuals. PrEP is intended for those who do not have HIV but may be at a high risk of becoming infected. PrEP is approved by the FDA and has been around since 2012.

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