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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PlushCare a good service?

PlushCare Reviews: What Are Customers Saying Online About This Telehealth Service As reported by, 92% of PlushCare users rated their experience as excellent with only a handful of negative reviews. I decided to dig a little deeper as to why there were some complaints about their services.

How does PlushCare work?

PlushCare offers video chat appointments that you can book and conduct over your smartphone or desktop computer. Here’s how it works: PlushCare also has a useful chat feature that lets you ask questions to doctors and other medical staff directly on the app. You can ask any question you want, and messages are unlimited.

How much does a PlushCare appointment cost without insurance?

A PlushCare appointment for those without health insurance costs $99. Those who have health insurance will pay a co-pay, provided the doctor is in the insurance provider’s network and your particular plan allows you to use a PlushCare doctor if he or she isn’t your primary care physician.

Can PlushCare doctors prescribe medications?

Spera also pointed out that PlushCare’s doctors can prescribe PrEP, a popular drug for those who have sexually active lifestyles or take drugs and want to prevent HIV. As for a doctor’s prescribing power, they can’t prescribe the first prescription for chronic illness; that needs to come from your doctor first.

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