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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlushCare?

PlushCare is a San Francisco-based tech startup that makes it easy to find and meet with a doctor online, even on the same day. Their mission is to provide patients with the best doctors and the best medical experience in a friendly and personalized way. The company's technology platform enables over 100,000 patients (and growing) to get care

How much does it cost to see a PlushCare Doctor?

So for $119 (for uninsured patients) or the cost of your usual copay, you can see a PlushCare doctor within 15 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 50% for uninsured patients and for insured patients, co-pays can be as low as $0 per visit but are typically around $20.

How can I contact PlushCare?

Feel free to reach out directly via [email protected] Easy to make the appointed, attended immediately by support area to solve problem with downloading the App, no significative delay, medical orientation and procedure was great. Thank you! I was very overwhelmed with my illness.

Is PlushCare a good place to get prescriptions?

User reviews for Plushcare are generally favorable, and truth be told we had to pick through them to find the complaints among the Yelp reviews of the service. An issue we found was that while their doctors do provide prescriptions as indicated, they will not provide them for addictive substances.

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