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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Happy Worker for plush toy maker?

For designer plushies that look great and are huggably soft, Happy Worker’s the perfect plush toy maker. Our plush are patterned and prototyped until perfect, and we don’t stop until the plushies look just right. Below we’ll answer the top 3 questions we’re asked about making orders of custom plush toys.

How to make plushies with plushify?

Upload the model to Plushify and specify the details like colors, markings, fur-direction, or the size of the plushie. Visualize different designs before you start sewing! Using your settings, Plushify creates the pattern of your plushie as PDF. After that the only thing left to do is to cut out the pieces and sew them together.

Who is custom plush? is division of The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company. We are a full spectrum custom toy manufacturer. For over two decades some of the best known companies in the world have chosen us to design, create and manufacture in-line or value added products.

Why choose bespoke plush?

Whether you want to make a custom stuffed animals from your kid's drawing or your own custom design, Bespoke plush has the perfect huggable experience for you. Transform your original character designs to stuffed doll. We use high-quality Plush fabric and fur to make you highly detailed designs. Turn a photo of anyone into a custom plush figurine.

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