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Frequently Asked Questions

What do parents need to know about plusportal?

PlusPortals is a powerful, user-friendly system that gives parents, students, and educators easy access to information about academic progress, attendance, and more. Parents and students can now download free mobile device apps for ParentPlus and StudentPlus, the two portals for accessing NDES's student information system.

What can I do with PlusPortals admin account?

Using the PlusPortals Admin account, you'll learn how to: Send e-mails, portal messages, and announcements Create user groups and manage group permissions.

Where can I get help with my AIC account?

You can also call the HelpDesk at 413.205.3402 if you need assistance. Parent or Family? AIC students, faculty, and staff are given a general AIC account for use with email, network access, campus computers, and many other things.

Where can I find plusportal for Notre Dame?

Type in NDES to access Notre Dame Elementary School and then your username and password to access student information. PlusPortal is accessible through NDES’ website and clicking at the top ND Schools PlusPortals Parents can view all of their children enrolled at NDCL and NDES through just one convenient log-in.

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