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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Belmont have a PTA?

All six schools in Belmont have active parent-teacher organizations PTO/PTA and other parent/community organizations affiliated with our schools and school departments. These groups provide energy and ideas for enriching the social and academic opportunities available to students, staff, and their families.

How many students does Belmont typically host?

Belmont typically hosts 125 students as part of the METCO program. This program fosters a broader educational and social experience for both suburban and urban children and their families. For more information about the program visit METCO website here.

What summer programs does Belmont public schools offer?

The Belmont Public Schools offer a summer enrichment program for preschoolers through grade six. Program topics include arts and crafts, theatre, computers, and sports. Courses are held at the Chenery Middle School and run for one to four weeks during July.

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