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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Blessed Sacrament Church in Holyoke special?

The Blessed Sacrament Church community in Holyoke led by Rev. Father Robert Gentile, Jr. encourages you to explore our website and learn more about what makes us special; a warm and welcoming community that is rich in tradition and strong in Faith.

What is blessedblessed Sacrament?

Blessed Sacrament is a Christ-centered Catholic school. Our mission is to ensure that our students achieve educational excellence. A shared partnership exists among faculty, staff, students, families and members of the community.

Who is the Blessed Sacrament Parish?

Welcome to the Blessed Sacrament Parish Community located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Established in 1913, we are a parish of strong faith, dedicated service, educational excellence, heartwarming charity, and most importantly, love of Christ. The parish is comprised of Blessed Sacrament Church and Blessed Sacrament School.

Why attend Blessed Sacrament Church?

We invite you to attend our masses and experience our communal spirit for yourself. Blessed Sacrament is unique because we are a Church in the round. Wherever you sit, you see a friendly face looking back at you. This provides a feeling of unity that adds to the spirit of fellowship.

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