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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PlusPortals portal?

Fully Integrated with our AdminPlus student information system and TeacherPlus gradebooks, PlusPortals interactive web portals enable teachers to instantly share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment. Parents only need one login to view all of their children’s data, class pages, calendars, etc.

What is plusplusportals Erskine?

PlusPortals Erskine Academy is an independent secondary school dedicated to providing all students a high quality education. Through an extensive academic program, rich and meaningful experiences, and a caring school community, the Academy develops a firm foundation in scholarship, leadership, stewardship, and relationships.

How do I pay my PlusPortals Bill?

PlusPortals is a cloud-based application integrated with the SCS student information system. This application provides access to student class pages which include homework, grades and progress reports along with teacher contact information. To pay your bill, please logon to Plus Portals and select Forms. Q: What is PlusPortals?

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