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Frequently Asked Questions

What is plusplusportals?

PlusPortals are a family of interactive web portals that enable school administrators and teachers to instantly share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment. Our school web portal software is an all-in-one solution for schools.

What is our school web portal software?

Our school web portal software is an all-in-one solution for schools. Our school discipline software, Discipline Plus, simplifies the difficult and time-consuming task of tracking student behavior.

How do students activate their Portal account?

The email will include a link to activate their Portal account which uses your email address as your User ID. Parents will be able to see data for each student with one login. Students will use their ND email as their user name. Freshman students will receive their access information at the Computer Workshops during Freshman Orientation.

What are the benefits of using teacherplus?

Secure access over the web: Administrators, teachers, students and parents have secure access from school and home using the Web. Students can enter their course requests online. With TeacherPlus, teachers can enter discipline, enter grades, take attendance, and more.

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