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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlusPortals and how does it work?

PlusPortals is a secure, Web-based Internet portal for daily communication between teachers and students. Parents/guardians also have PlusPortals accounts to access information about their daughters’ classes and for communication with faculty. Several times each year, parents receive a formal academic progress report.

How do I login to my school's PlusPortals account?

You can find your school's URL by looking on your school's website or by asking a school administrator. Depending on your school's PlusPortals setup, the Login page or advanced Login page appears. In the Login box, type your User Name and temporary Password, and then click Sign In.

What is the teacherplus portal?

This guide describes the TeacherPlus Portal Web Application used by teachers to manage their classrooms and share information with students and parents. From your TeacherPlus Portal, you can create a Class page where you can post announcements, assignments, quizzes, discussions, and online meeting invites.

How do I Find my PlusPortals url?

In your browser address bar, type your PlusPortals URL. Important: Your PlusPortals URL is located at For example, the URL for "Rediker Academy" would be

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