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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlusPortals and how does it work?

PlusPortals is a secure, Web-based Internet portal for daily communication between teachers and students. Parents/guardians also have PlusPortals accounts to access information about their daughters’ classes and for communication with faculty. Several times each year, parents receive a formal academic progress report.

What is the difference between teacherplus and parentplus?

With TeacherPlus, teachers can enter discipline, enter grades, take attendance, and more. With ParentPlus, a parent can securely view their child's progress in school and access important information including grades, class schedules, discipline, announcements, calendars, online forms and much more.

What is administrator's plus?

Access student data anytime, anywhere -including contacts, pictures, report cards, scheduling and discipline - on iPhone and Android mobile devices. Choose from hundreds of reports in Administrator's Plus, download additional reports, or customize reports for your specific needs. Multi-language and school state reporting are made easy!

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