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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pochana?

Sister venue to the popular Kinn + Derm franchise, Pochana is a large restaurant decked out to make diners feel as though they are in the streets of Thailand. Every detail has been selected to create the Thai ambience, down to the lit commercial signage and hanging planters.

What is a Poch board?

Poch board (from a Nuremberg toy sample book of the 19th century) Poch board (ditto) Poch, Pochen or Pochspiel (French: Poque) is a very old card game, which is recorded as early as 1441 in Strasbourg. Poch is considered one of the forerunners of poker, a game that developed in America in the 19th century.

What to eat at pochana?

The Asian chilli soft shell crab is a unique dish that has become a favourite at Pochana. The crab is served in a pool of sweet and sour chilli sauce mixed with egg, it’s the perfect combination of flavours. Pochana also serves other incredible cocktails, such as the Kamikaze Volcano, made with vodka, blue curacao, raspberry and grenadine.

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