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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose purepohutukawa Kidz?

Pohutukawa Kidz is a community focussed childcare centre with a passion for working with families to develop confident, happy, kind children. We are based in Beachlands, provides a safe enjoyable space for children to explore, with ample features to extend their various interests and grow their learning.

Where do pohutukawas grow in NZ?

They naturally occur south to the Taranaki area on the west coast and Gisborne area on the east coast. Pohutukawas are similar looking to northern rata trees. Further confusing these two is the fact that both of them have bright red clusters of flowers that look nearly identical. One good way to tell them apart is to look at the leaves.

How can you tell a pohutukawa plant apart?

One good way to tell them apart is to look at the leaves. The leaves of Pohutukawas are green on top and a white on the bottom that feels velvety to the touch. A beautiful Pohutukawa growing next to the beach.

What is being done to protect pōhutukawam?

For pōhutukawam, work continues in main coastal sites within the natural range of pōhutukawa (Northern North Island). With myrtle rust, there is ongoing research and monitoring to determine what impact the disease will have on our native tree species. All this work will help ensure the ongoing survival of these important iconic forest species.

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