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Frequently Asked Questions

How can pointclickcare Emar and POC help our assisted living team?

Our Assisted Living team is located throughout five different buildings, and before using PointClickCare eMAR and POC, I would have to walk building-to-building to see where someone was with their med pass. With eMAR and POC I can sit at my desk and view how my team members are doing with their day-to-day work.

What are the benefits of pointclickcare?

Improve the quality of care, ensure care staff have access to complete information, and decrease the risks associated with incomplete documentation and copycat charting. Integration with other PointClickCare modules lets information flow directly to MDS and other assessments, and eMAR to help reduce errors and omissions and maintain compliance.

What are the benefits of Emar?

Allow care staff to efficiently order and distribute medications to eliminate cumbersome MAR/TAR binders. Updated information allows staff to dispose of month-end change over activities, and eMAR automatically pushes pertinent resident information to the EHR.

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