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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ponto™ system?

The Ponto™ System is an implant system for bone conduction hearing that is designed to overcome the many challenges of hearing loss. Ponto™ System A few minutes to change your life. Watch the anniversary video I feel more powerful with my Ponto and I feel the same as everyone else. But I now have special powers – Ponto powers.

Is Ponto right for You?

If you are deaf on one side or have outer or middle ear problems, Ponto may be the solution for you. Ponto uses the body’s natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction, and it can be the support you need to participate more in daily life.

What is Ponto sound like?

Ask a Ponto user about Ponto sound and they will talk about natural sounds, great listening and easy communication. In fact, Ponto sound quality is so close to natural that Ponto users frequently tell us that they often forget they’re even wearing a sound processor.

What is Ponto footwear?

Beyond their amazing business model, Ponto Footwear creates shoes with a great design that is both fashionable and multi-functional! Ponto is a sustainable footwear brand built with the changemaker in mind. We are committed to helping the world live more mindfully by fostering a purer sense of self, a cleaner planet, and a more livable tomorrow.

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