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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Acuvue 2 and Oasys?

One of the biggest differences between Acuvue 2 and Oasys is the length of time that the user can wear them. Acuvue 2 is worn daily for two weeks and taken out at the end of each day. Oasys can be worn either two weeks daily or one to two weeks of daily wear with up to six consecutive nights without being taken out.

How much do Acuvue contact lenses cost?

The cost of monthly contacts will depend on your prescription and access to vision insurance. On average, Monthly ACUVUE ® Brand Contact Lenses typically range from $140 to $600 annually. To determine your personal costs you'll just need to consult your eye care professional.

What are toric lenses for astigmatism?

Most toric contacts for astigmatism are indeed soft lenses — made either of a conventional hydrogel material or a highly breathable silicone hydrogel. But there are toric contact lenses made of rigid gas permeable (GP) contact lens materials, too.

What is hydraclear plus?

1 Answer. HYDRACLEAR® Plus is our brand name for the next generation of proprietary technology in ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses that adds more moisture-rich wetting agent into a state-of-the-art formulation.

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