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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kodak printomatic camera any good?

Kodak Printomatic Review: Nostalgia Only Goes So Far The Kodak Printomatic camera produces both digital and physical photos, but the results for both are merely average. By Mike Prospero December 05, 2017

Is the Polaroid printomatic the cheapest digital camera?

Even with a printer attached, the Printomatic is among the absolute cheapest digital cameras you can buy. The closest competitor in price is the original Polaroid Snap, which shares its DNA with the Printomatic, but offers a few more features and retails for about $100.

How do I print with the printomatic?

Shooting with the Printomatic is self-explanatory. Press the shutter button, and your ears will soon be greeted by a whirring noise as the printing process begins. (A Zink print uses heat to activate color crystals embedded in the photo, so there are no print heads or ink here).

How does the Kodak printomatic compare to the Polaroid snap?

The Printomatic is similar in many respects to the $99 Polaroid Snap; both take 10MP photos and churn out 2 x 3-inch Zink photos, and the two cameras performed similarly. However, the Polaroid has six picture modes, compared to just two for the Kodak, and the Polaroid also has a self-timer, which the Kodak does not.

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