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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print with the printomatic?

Shooting with the Printomatic is self-explanatory. Press the shutter button, and your ears will soon be greeted by a whirring noise as the printing process begins. (A Zink print uses heat to activate color crystals embedded in the photo, so there are no print heads or ink here).

What does the Kodak printomatic look like?

The Kodak Printomatic has a design that would please any minimalist, with a simple rectangular shape and rounded edges and corners. A subtle gray — or bright yellow — finish adds a bit of color. The camera is lightweight at around half a pound, measures less than five inches wide, and is under an inch deep.

Do you need an ink cartridge for the printomatic?

Thanks to its use of Zink zero-ink paper, there are no ink cartridges required — just load the paper, and out pop full color prints. Apparently, an LCD screen is also not required, as the Printomatic forgoes it entirely.

Is the Polaroid printomatic the cheapest digital camera?

Even with a printer attached, the Printomatic is among the absolute cheapest digital cameras you can buy. The closest competitor in price is the original Polaroid Snap, which shares its DNA with the Printomatic, but offers a few more features and retails for about $100.

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