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Frequently Asked Questions

What is artificial insemination and why you should consider it?

What is artificial insemination and why you should consider it? Artificial insemination refers to the breeding of a female , whether that female is a sow, mare, ewe, hen, cow or whatever type of livestock you may have, without the presence of a male. Essentially, you are eliminating the need for having a male around and still having babies.

What is the success rate on artificial insemination?

What is the success rate of artificial insemination? Across all patients types, IUI cycles have live birth rates per cycle of between 5 – 15%. But reported success rates vary quite a bit from study to study. Some studies show just an 8% success rate (using fertility drugs and IUI), while other studies find success rates over 20%.

What are the differences in IVF and artificial insemination?

– The main difference: in artificial insemination, fertilization takes place in the woman’s body, while in vitro fertilization takes place outside her body. Artificial insemination, therefore, could be considered as a normal fertilization but replacing intercourse with a special technique.

How long does artificial insemination take?

This process — fertilization to implantation — can take about 6 to 12 days, with the average being around 9 to 10 days. How do I get my insurance to pay for IVF?

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