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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shutter speed of the Prontor professional?

The Prontor Professional is a large format shutter with speeds from 1 to 1/125 sec. plus B. It has an additional cable release thread for an aperture release, a lever to switch from stepless to stepwise aperture setting, and facilities to connect its aperture levers to a mechanical aperture remote control on the camera back.

What is a Prontor leaf shutter?

Prontor is a leaf shutter with a great range of speeds, introduced in 1935 by Gauthier. The Prontor is a long-lived series of leaf shutters made by the German company Gauthier based in Calmbach.

What is the difference between the Prontor MAT-s and prontar press?

The Prontor-Mat-S was a shutter for early cameras with automatic exposure setting control. The Prontor-Press is a so-called "press shutter". That means that it is an everset flash synchronized large format leaf shutter. It has five shutter leaves and an additional five-leaf aperture iris.

What is the difference between the Prontor-SLK and the prontoor-300?

The Prontor 300 is also named after its max. speed, but needs cocking. The Prontor 250 LK, Prontor 300 LK, Prontor 500 LK and Prontor 1000 LK are meter -coupled Prontors. The Prontor-SLK is a fast flash synchronized meter-coupled shutter.

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