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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Proto stand for?

Proto stands for 7. Proto. Prototype 4. similar. Proto 1. Proto. PROTOPORPHYRIN IX 1. PROTO. protoporphyrinogen

What does the root "Proto" mean?

Prototroph (proto-troph) - an organism that can acquire nourishment from inorganic sources. Protozoa (proto-zoa) - tiny unicellular protist organisms, whose name means first animals, that are motile and capable of ingesting food substances. Examples of protozoa include amoebas, flagellates and ciliates.

What does the prefix of Proto mean?

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: proto-. Definition: The prefix (proto-) means before, primary, first, primitive, or original. It is derived from the Greek prôtos meaning first. Examples: Protoblast (proto-blast) - a cell in the early stages of development that differentiates to form an organ or part.

What is proto Cubism?

Proto-Cubism (also referred to as Protocubism, Pre-Cubism or Early Cubism) is an intermediary transition phase in the history of art chronologically extending from 1906 to 1910.

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