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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Porta Romana?

Porta Romana is the epitome of luxury and personalized service in Latin America. Based in the heart of our region, Panama, is the perfect launching point for our demanding high end clientele to discover their unique designer gown.

Why use Proto Tools on a submarine?

With over 60 years' experience turning tools, U.S. Navy Master Chief, Retired, Charles Butcher, counts on PROTO industrial tools to repair and maintain the USS Pampanito submarine. His experience has reinforced that having the right tools–PROTO tools–onboard is mission-critical because there’s no re-supplying once you’re out to sea.

What is the origin of the Romanian word 'Romanian'?

The use of the denomination Romanian (română) for the language and use of the demonym Romanians (Români) for speakers of this language predates the foundation of the modern Romanian state. Romanians always used the general term "rumân/român" or regional terms like "ardeleni" (or "ungureni"), "moldoveni" or "munteni" to designate themselves.

What is the oldest document written in Romanian?

The oldest extant document written in Romanian remains Neacșu's letter (1521) and was written using the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet, which was used until the late 19th century. In 1534, Tranquillo Andronico notes: "Valachi nunc se Romanos vocant" ( The Wallachians are now calling themselves Romans ).

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