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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Proto-Romance language?

Proto-Romance is just a hypothetical concept just like every other proto-language. What existed in fact, again as with every proto-language, was a dialect continuum formed by several similar, but still distinctive dialects throughout the Latin-speaking world.

Why was Latin the Proro-romamce language?

Latin was the Proro-Romamce language because it is the source of the modern Romance languages which developed into the national languages of Spain, Portugal, Romania, France and Italy and various regional languages such as Sardinian and Catalan. There are numerous samples of Latin texts to be googled.

What was the inflection system like in Proto-Romance?

In general the inflection system in Proto Romance was becoming simpler than Latin. The case system still was around for a while but was heavily supplemented with prepositions and word order conventions (i.e. people would still use the cases but not rely on listeners understanding the cases well).

What is the oldest Romance language in the world?

It is known as sermo vulgaris or Vulgar Latin. All Romance languages have evolved from Vulgar Latin. The oldest extant Romance language is Sardu. If you want to know what the Proto-Romance language was like, it was very much like Sardu - it is almost all 5th century Vulgar Latin.

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