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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has providersoft been used for Behavioral Services?

Regardless of the size of your program, ProviderSoft is able to match your needs and there is no fear of having to switch systems to match your growth rate. As an EI Director, I used ProviderSoft successfully for seven years and found it both easy to implement and time efficient.

Which is providersoft system do you use?

Donna McNerneyMargaret L. Williams Developmental Evaluation Center “The ProviderSoft system is excellent for all processes in business: Billing, Collections, Payroll, Reports, etc.

Why do we need providersoft in bright future?

After accepting a case, you need to use the Providersoft system for several reasons including: To view upcoming due dates and deadlines (such as progress reports or HR documentation) Providersoft link:

Where can I find a providersoft training video?

Providersoft link: Please use this training video as an overview of the Providersoft system, tabs, and features:

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