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Frequently Asked Questions

Why puppies bark and how to stop it?

It could possibly be because your dog has a nervous disposition, as you say, and she barks as a defence mechanism. But there is another reason: it could be that she believes you are the nervous one, and she feels as though she needs to protect you both.

How do you stop puppies from Barking?

1. The first step is to try to ignore your puppy’s barking if at all possible without yelling at him. ...2. There is a product called a “teaching lead” which will enable your puppy to be around you at all times in the house. ...4. Try using a simple training aid to get your puppy to quiet down immediately when she is barking. ...

Why is my puppy Barking?

Puppy barking to alert: You puppy is trying to tell you an intruder is nearby! ...Stress and anxiety barking: stress and anxiety are common causes of barking, learn how to help your hound gain confidence and relax.Bored barking: The title says it all, your puppy needs more attention, playtime, stimulation and walks.More items...

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