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Frequently Asked Questions

Is puppyfind a good site?

Puppyfind is actually one of the very best. Most people realize that any site that advertises has both good and bad sellers (and buyers.) If you want to do well with buying a puppy through an ad posted in any site, here are some tips: 1. Make sure you have proof of life; see the puppy prior to placing a deposit.

Is puppyfind legitimate?

Hello, is a bulletin board service so we cannot guarantee the sellers on the site are legitimate, but everything on their account appears to be legitimate. They have been a member of PuppyFind since 2016 and they have a website and Facebook page.

Where can I get free puppies?

Craigslist is another potential venue to locate free, cheap or low-cost puppies. However, you need to be especially careful when researching free puppies on the internet, on something like Craigslist. From the landing page, find your home state, and drill down to the metro area closest to you.

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