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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radicchio and what do I do with it?

Like all chicories, radicchio has a structural sturdiness and a distinct bitterness that balances the sweeter, more delicate lettuces with which it is often combined. While crisp, fiercely bitter radicchio is most often a salad ingredient, it mellows considerably when roasted, grilled or sautéed in olive oil and tossed with pasta.

What are the benefits of radicchio?

[3] The main health benefits of radicchio include boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, regulating blood pressure, weight loss, improving digestion, and likely reducing the cancer risk, among others. Given the high level of vitamin C found in this leafy vegetable, it has long been considered an immune system booster.

What does the name radicchio mean?

What does radicchio mean? Any of several varieties of chicory, having red or red-spotted leaves that form rounded or elongated heads. (noun)

What does radicchio look like?

What does radicchio look like? Radicchio looks very similar to a small cabbage head in the sense that it has tightly wrapped cabbage-like leaves of a red, reddish-purple color with large white veins. Other varieties are more like elongated, red endives, while some are white-colored.

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