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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radradicchio?

Radicchio is a perennial plant that's grown commercially in Italy and parts of America, with the number one grower located in California. The vegetable frequently appears in Italian recipes including salads, soups, risotto, pasta, and pizza.

What does radicchio taste like?

Radicchio has a bitter, spicy flavor, especially when eaten raw. It's often paired with sweet or acidic ingredients to make a salad with balanced flavors. When cooked, radicchio mellows and gains some sweetness while still retaining a little bitterness.

How to cook radicchio on the stove?

Heat a large frying pan or saute pan over medium-high heat. Add the oil and swirl to coat the bottom. Add the radicchio, sprinkle with salt, and stir to coat the leaves with the oil.

Where can I buy radicchio in the US?

Where to Buy Radicchio Thanks to the popularity of Italian cooking, radicchio is widely available year-round. Look for individual heads of radicchio in the refrigerated produce section of your grocery store sold per pound.

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