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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radicchio salad made of?

Radicchio, toasted almonds, and golden raisins are tossed in a sweet and fragrant dressing of red-wine vinegar and orange juice and zest. This salad can be made up to a day ahead of time.

What is radicchio and what does it taste like?

With a small calorie count but a great spread of nutrients, radicchio is a lesser-known leafy vegetable that’s excellent for your health as well as your recipes. It’s got a ton of vitamin K, a high level of antioxidants and may even help prevent certain cancers.

What is radradicchio good for?

Radicchio also contains a large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are specifically known as the antioxidants responsible for keeping your eyes healthy. At 3.5 grams per serving, this leafy plant is surpassed by only about four other foods when it comes to the presence of lutein. 3. Good for the Heart

What do you eat radicchio with?

This recipe is a classic example of perfect combinations: a bit of bitter radicchio balanced with sweet, crunchy corn and cool cucumbers. Toss with an assertive dressing for a salad that has it all. Serve with simple grilled steak, chicken, or fish for a summer meal that can't be beat.

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