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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ragamuffin music?

The muffin part of ragamuffin may have its origin in either of two Anglo-Norman words for a devil or scoundrel, but that too is uncertain. No matter its muddied history—the word has continued to develop in modern times. It can also refer to a type of music with rap lyrics and a reggae beat.

Did you know Rag is related to Ragamuffin?

Did you know? If you've guessed that rag or ragged is related to ragamuffin, you may be correct, but the origins of the word are somewhat murky.

Who is the designer of the Lower East Side Ragamuffin?

This world teems with joyous Lower East Side ragamuffins, outfitted by costume designer Carol Sorensen. — Hugh Hunter,, 14 May 2018 Baker’s new exploitation mode includes lurid, nursery-school pastels and ragamuffin kids who curse, vandalize, and set fires.

What does ragamuffinish mean?

It can also refer to a type of music with rap lyrics and a reggae beat. Recent Examples on the Web At least as the wryly morose Shakespeare, a ragamuffin-ish Nolte makes this journey occasionally captivating and lively — if not, ultimately, one worth seeing through to the end.

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