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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Ragga Ragnars?

Ragnheiður Ragnarsdóttir, also known as Ragga Ragnars (born October 24, 1984) is an Icelandic actress and former swimmer, who specialised in sprint freestyle events. She is a multiple-time Icelandic record holder in both long and short course freestyle (both 50 metres and 100 metres).

Who is Ragga?

Self - Swimmer 100 m freestyle (Iceland) Did You Know? Ragga is a 2 time Olympic swimmer (2004 and 2008). She is a multiple Icelandic Record holder and Icelandic Champion.

What is a raggare car?

Cars are an important part of the subculture, especially V8 -powered cars and other large cars from the United States. Statistically, the most common raggare car ( Swedish: raggarbil) is the 1960s Pontiac Bonneville. They are plentiful, classic, relatively cheap, and have a huge backseat so the Raggare can pile in all of their friends.

What does raggare mean in Swedish?

Raggare (Norwegian bokmål: Råner, Norwegian nynorsk: Rånar) is a subculture found mostly in Sweden and parts of Norway and Finland, and to a lesser extent in Denmark, Germany, and Austria. Raggare are related to the greaser subculture and are known for their love of hot rod cars and 1950s American pop culture.

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