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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does rapid recon cost?

With Rapid Recon, everything team members need to excel is available on their smartphones, anytime and anywhere, making it easy to demonstrate results. Up and running in days, starting at just $529 per month. No equipment to buy, applications to download, or long-term contracts to sign.

What can rapid recon do for You?

Our software is not just a workflow management tool. It’s a vital business tool for managing your largest fiscal inventory investment—the reconditioning of used vehicles. Hear how we’ve changed business for our customers. Learn what Rapid Recon can do for your business.

What is rapidrapid recon?

Rapid Recon ensures the accountability and communication of processes, property, and people. Dealers know answers quickly, find assets anywhere, and sell vehicles fast to grow dealership profitability.

What is rapid recon workflow?

Cloud-based Rapid Recon workflow software unifies departments and vendors with people, process, and property accountability. Now your teams get cars from acquisition to sale-ready status known as time to line (T2L™️) in days, not weeks.

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