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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rapididentity?

RapidIdentity is the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform available, giving organizations greater security, increased business agility, and lower costs of identity and access management. With RapidIdentity, organizations can transform identity and access management across all users—including employees, contractors ...

What is the IPSD 204 single sign-on?

Indian Prairie has created a Single Sign-On environment. The IPSD 204 Single Sign-On portal allows you to easily access District applications with just one login. This portal will allow you to access your applications with more efficiency and greater security from all your devices! Click the link below to visit the IPSD 204 Single Sign-On site:

Is rapidrapididentity available in the cloud?

RapidIdentity is available on-premises or in the cloud, with no sacrifices in functionality, features, or security.

Why rapidrapididentity multi-factor authentication?

RapidIdentity offers the broadest range of multi-factor authentication methods to meet your organization’s needs. Boost productivity with secure single sign-on (SSO) access to every on-premises or cloud-based system.

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