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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rapididentity CCPs?

Schools Details: Schools Details: RapidIdentity CCPS. RapidIdentity CCPS, an online digital platform developed as a result of Clayton County Public Schools District’s vision to conduct Digit Classrooms for its 55,000 students. The platform is essentially a Single Sign-on myccps rapididentity chesterfield

Is rapididentity available in 27 Nov County public schools?

Details: To help make this vision a reality, CCPS has selected RapidIdentity as a 27 Nov County Public Schools Step 1: Log into your Rapid Identity school portal. Service Status.

How do I access the instructional resources in rapididentity?

Using the RapidIdentity System. You must first log into RapidIdentity to access the instructional resources listed. Some of these applications are available only to selected schools or groups of students. Please ask your teacher if you have questions. AISD Staff: Staff only resources for the RapidIdentity system available in the AISD Intranet.

What is navnaviance for CPS?

Naviance is the student portal for college and career planning. Students in grades 7-12 can log in with their CPS email address and password to access surveys, resources, and planning tools. Here’s how you can report concerns about sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse.

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