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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RapidSOS and how does it work?

“RapidSOS is taking this antiquated analog-based 911 system and moving it into the digital era.” RapidSOS built the emergency response data platform to help first responders get the data they need to save more lives.

What is rapidrapidsos portal?

RapidSOS portal is a simple browser-based tool to receive device location and additional data from RapidSOS.

What is RapidSOS doing in 2020?

In August 2020, RapidSOS entered a partnership with Sirius XM. The partnership allows connected vehicles to send information automatically to first responders. The company has transitioned to be B2B focused, launching products to connect public safety agencies and Internet of Things (IoT) companies.

What is RapidSOS emergency API suite?

The RapidSOS Emergency API Suite is a service which “integrates technology directly with emergency services.”

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