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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you figure out a ratio?

Since a ratio is just a comparison between two quantities, figure out ratios by dividing the initial quantity by the quantity that follows. For example, if there are 12 males in a classroom and 15 females, the ratio of males to females is obtained by dividing 12 by 15.

How do you write a ratio?

Make a Ratio Use a symbol to denote the ratio. Write the first given quantity to the left of the symbol. Write the second given quantity to the right of the symbol. Simplify your ratio (optional). Turn the ratio into a percentage (optional).

What is the simplest form of ratio?

The simplest form is 4:9. The process to complete ratio simplification questions such as this is to divide each side by the highest common factor. That is the highest number which divides evenly into both numbers.

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