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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raven the 1992 a good series?

I'm a fan of martial arts shows and Jeffrey Meek shows off his talents as a martial artist in this action packed series. Added flare and comedy is added with the addition of Lee Majors as his close friend. If you are interested in an action packed martial art series, then Raven the 1992 TV series is for you. Highly recommended!

Is Raven coming out on DVD?

This was Meek's second attempt at TV stardom (having previously starred in the short-lived latenight series THE EXILE) and would have one more failed shot (MORTAL CONQUEST) before the networks gave up on him as a series lead. The DVD transfer is slick and sharp. Raven - The Martial Arts TV Series Finally out on DVD!

Who is Jonathon Raven?

Jeffrey Meek as Jonathon Raven. Raven is an American drama series that originally aired on CBS from June 19, 1992 to April 30, 1993. This hour-long action drama featured martial arts, adventure, humor, mystery and secret societies. Jonathon Raven is a ninja -trained former Special Forces agent, retired in Hawaii to search for his long-lost son.

What do you think of Raven?

RAVEN is pure, escapist fun that doesn't take itself too seriously (in fact, its much better than I remembered it). And Lee Majors is terrific in a supporting role -- his first after a string of hits as a leading man in action-adventure shows. Majors pretty much stole the show from Meek, which wasn't too hard.

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