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Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve a child's reading comprehension?

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child's Reading Comprehension Think about and build background knowledge. For children who struggle as readers comprehension is a big deal. ... Help him make connections. Readers with good comprehension skills make connections when they read. ... Help your child build fluency. ... Provide fun, meaningful, book-related activities. ... Mak e reading an interactive experience. ...

How do you teach reading comprehension strategies?

Increase comprehension by teaching children how to remain focused on the material they're reading. Start with a brief, pre-reading session. Have your child read the title to a short story or article and anticipate what the story will be about. Tell him to read the story to see if his prediction was right.

What are the strategies for teaching comprehension?

Some tips for teaching these comprehension strategies: Model each strategy whenever you are reading text to or with children, such as during a read aloud, guided reading, content area text, independent reading, etc. Keep anchor charts of your thinking as well as students' thinking.

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