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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of Reading Eggs?

Level 1 Starting Out for absolute beginners, lessons 1-40. Level 2 Beginning to Read for emerging readers, lessons 41-80. Level 3 Building confidence for early readers, lessons 81-120.

How to read eggs maps for first grade?

Reading Eggs Maps 1 - 80 A 1 Emergent BR B 1 BR 1 2 10 – 39L A 2 2 40 – 79L B 3 3 80 – 119L C 4 4 First Grade

Where can I find the Free Reading Eggs?

Use the filters below to search by grade level, subject area and focus skill. You can also find answers to our most commonly asked questions, as well as technical support information for Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. Don't forget to claim your free 30 days' access here.

How are books leveled in the Eggspress catalog?

All books in this catalog are leveled using our Eggspress Reading levels and certified Lexile levels. Reading Eggs & English Skills Section – More than 500 NEW grade level lessons Reading Eggspress F & P RR levels DRA for Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary levels

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