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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the strength of reading glasses?

To determine the proper strength for your reading glasses, follow the steps below. 2 Hold the page approximately 12-14 inches away from your face. Start reading the chart below from top to bottom. 3 to the next line down. 4 Keep repeating this process until you can clearly read a full line. 5 1 Print this ˜le at Actual Size using 100% scale.

How do you choose reading glasses?

Look for a sticker on the lenses or find the tag on the arm of the glasses. Find the number with a “+” sign in front of it. This is the power of the lens, which is the prescription strength. You’ll use this number to pick your reading glasses. Most brands of reading glasses range in power from +1.00 to +4.00.

How to calculate reading glasses strength.?

How To Determine The Strength of Reading Glasses You Need The Strength of Reading Glasses - Start With Your Prescription. ... Calculating The Strength of Your Reading Prescription. ... Calculating the Spherical Equivalent of Your Glasses Prescription. ... Accounting for Differences Between Eyes. ... Adjusting the Strength of Reading Glasses for Your Working Distance. ... Trying it on. ...

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