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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best safety goggles?

Best Safety Glasses Reviews 2019 1. DEWALT DPG82-11CTR Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle 2. NoCry Clear Scratch-resistant, Anti-fog Safety Glasses 3. Gateway Safety 6980 Safety Glasses 4. Dewalt DPG55-11C Clear Anti-Fog Safety Glasses 5. NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses 6. Magid Classic Safety Glasses 7. JORESTECH Protective Safety Glasses

Why is it so important to wear safety goggles?

There are a number of reasons why safety goggles are so important. Firstly if you work with hazardous materials and chemicals you can handle them without the fear of possibly damaging your eyes. Safety goggles also protect the wearer from anything falling or flying into their eyes.

Why do you need laser safety goggles?

Here are some of the reasons why you need laser safety goggles: Direct or indirect laser radiation can cause blindness , even if exposure only lasts for a fraction of a second. The laser safety program at most facilities requires the use of laser safety goggles whenever you are within range of an operating laser.

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