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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear reading glasses on your neck?

You simply slide the frame on or off your neck or you can place it on top of your head without messing up your hair. When reading, wear it like any other reading glasses. You can start wearing a pair of KOALA READERS right out of the box. No lanyard assembly or length adjustment involved. No cord to deal with when putting your readers away.

Which is the best brand of reading glasses?

Oakley. CliC Reading Glasses. Eurospecs. Coach. Seeoo. Burberry. Moxie. Seattle Eyeworks. Paparazzi.

Are there reading glasses that fit on the back of your phone?

At ThinOptics, our concept is simple enough -- since your smartphone is always with you, we set out to develop thin, comfortable reading glasses that fit on the back of your phone.

When did the concept of designer reading glasses come about?

Salivate. Over 30 years ago, we invented the concept of designer reading glasses. We brought people (ourselves included) a way to escape the dismal offering of drug store readers without having to pay for expensive prescription reading eyeglasses at a traditional optical store. (more)

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