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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between real and actual?

real, actual, and true mean agreeing with known facts. real is used when a thing is what it appears to be. This is a real diamond. actual means that someone or something does or did occur or exist. Is Santa Claus an actual person? true may be used of something that is real or actual.

What is the difference between Realista and Realidad?

( negative unrealistic). 2. taking a sensible, practical view of life. I'd like to think we'd sell five of these a day, but it would be more realistic to say two. realista 1. that which is real and not imaginary. It was a relief to get back to reality after hearing the ghost story. realidad 3. ( often in plural – reˈalities) a fact.

What is the synonym of real?

Synonyms: real 1, actual, true, existent. These adjectives mean not being imaginary but having verifiable existence. Real implies authenticity, genuineness, or factuality: Don't lose the bracelet; it's made of real gold. She showed real sympathy for my predicament.

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